Thomas M. Mueller Photography

Tom Mueller spent most of his professional life in science and medicine, but has been a serious photographer for more than 25 years. Tom has been selling prints of his work to collectors on an informal basis for years, but in August of 2007 he had his first gallery show in Indianapolis. The show was successful with almost all of the work selling during the exhibit..

His first formal training was with Indianapolis-based artist, Ted Gelb, who is now deceased. Ted, in turn trained with Henry Holmes Smith at Indiana University, who was affiliated with the New Bauhaus tradition of photography. Tom started out in black and white photography, but in the early 1980ís became fascinated with the color palette of Kodachrome and Cibachrome, and has been photographing in color ever since. When the digital revolution came along, Tom switched to both digital capture and printing. He trained for this at the School of the International Center for Photography in New York City. He feels that the digital darkroom has the potential to be more precise and more versatile than the chemical darkroom.

All of Tom's archival pigment prints are sold in limited editions.
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